About The King's School

Throughout the school, great emphasis is placed on the Bible as the Word of God. Each week spiritual principles are taught through stories and theme teaching and time is given to worshipping and praying together. As pupils get older, we encourage them to think through the implications of their faith and to see how it affects the world around them.

From September 2010, our primary department, for children in Y1 - Y6 (ages 5 - 11) and our secondary department, for children in Y7 - Y11 (ages 11 - 16) will be situated in adjacent buildings on a spacious, semi rural site on the outskirts of Witney. The Stepping Stones Foundation Unit, catering for children aged 2 1/2 - 5 is on the same site. 

Our Primary Department

As well as the core subjects (Maths, English and Science), a variety of other subjects and activities are incorporated into the timetable. These include Biblical studies, Music, Art and Crafts, History, Geography, French, PE, Games and Computer Skills. Project or Topic themes based on Christian perspectives and principles are developed by our staff.

Our Secondary Department

In the secondary department, our aim is to provide a mature foundation in applying Christian principles and values to all aspects of the curriculum. The core subjects taken at GCSE level in Y10 and Y11 are Maths, English, Double Science and Religious Studies. Students then take another three to five subjects from the following: History, Geography, English Literature, French, German, Art, PE , Information Technology and a Third Science. Please note that ALL three sciences are studied for both the double and triple award.

We also want our students to be responsible, caring citizens. This involves supporting them as they serve the wider community in a variety of ways including sharing their Christian faith in other schools and in such areas of service as helping the elderly or those with disabilities.

As a school we have always fostered links with other countries. Last year, pupils visited Germany and France on educational visits and Zambia and Uganda to help charitable organisations and to give the pupils an experience of life in developing cultures. Oxfordshire Community Churches have for many years also supported ministries in many nations and the school frequently entertains visitors from overseas.

For both our primary and secondary pupils there are opportunities to participate in sports which include soccer, cricket, netball, hockey, tennis, squash, rounders and athletics. Matches are played with other schools in the area and anually the school participates in a Christian Schools' Sports day. There are also regular dramatic and musical events.

Pre School Education

As well as the Stepping Stones Foundation Unit based at The King's School, we also have links with The King's Pre School in Bicester which has been running since 2008. It is organized and run by members of the churches of Bicester, under the oversight of the Oxfordshire Community Churches.