School Policies

Below are some of the school policies for The King's School. Obviously if you would like to have more information or discuss these further, please contact Mr Steve Beegoo, the Principal, via the office. (see contacts page)

For the school year 2013/2014 there were no formal complaints received.

Curriculum Policy.pdf63 KB
Special Educational Needs Policy.pdf91.79 KB
Our Why Jun 14.pdf270.83 KB
Educational Visits Policy.pdf188.72 KB
Uniform Policy.pdf296.88 KB
English as an Additional Language Policy.pdf114.88 KB
Complaints Policy.pdf366.78 KB
Health and Safety Policy.pdf611.44 KB
Allegation Management Policy.pdf321.33 KB
Admissions Policy.pdf141.15 KB
TKS Behaviour, Discipline and Exclusion Policy.pdf530.41 KB
TKS website cookie policy.pdf206.66 KB
TKS website privacy policy.pdf203.27 KB
TKS Website Terms of Use.pdf231.72 KB