What The Pupils Think

"... you have a chance to play sport against other schools."

"... it's a really family environment... " 

"... It's great that we can be free with our faith but we are not pushed into anything."

What some of our past pupils have to say about the school:

“My favourite things about the King’s School were the close relationships we were able to develop with the teachers and other pupils due to the school’s small size and Christian atmosphere. In my Christian life, the King’s School helped me to grow up a lot and become a much more mature Christian. This was especially due to teachers picking up character issues and giving a lot of opportunity for us to learn and grow as Christians. I don’t think the King’s School forced me in any way to be a Christian; instead it strengthened my faith and helped me think through issues and formulate my own opinions.”

“The further away I get from my school years the more I realise all the good life lessons and character attitudes that were invested in me. Since my parents were also Christians, all the principles I learnt at home were supported by those at school.”

“I am so pleased my parents were brave enough to send me to a Christian School. My personal view of Christian education is that it is invaluable. I cannot overstate how secure, grounded and precious I felt at The King’s School, where teachers actively cared about who I was, not just what I knew. There was room for the realities of adolescence and in no way were we indoctrinated or forced into religion.”