Bible Reading

Reading the bible is a help to each of us on our journey. It helps us understand life and, more importantly, fit our ewxperiences into God's perspective. It leads us into encoutner with God as well as calling us up!

Many people find it helpfule to have a bit of background on the books in the bible. A great resource in this area is, as well as the booklet Breeze through the Bible or the book The One Stop Bible Guide.

It is also very helpful to have a plan to help read throught the bible:

  • On this page on the links to the right:
    • A bookmark to help read through the bible in a year is available
    • A year plan devoted to reading the gospels and focussing on the life and misirty of Jesus
    • If a year seems to involve too much reading a day, there's a plan to halve the reading by doing over two years
  • Also, a great number are available at
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