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I've spent the last week listening to the most excellent Michael Neumann from Hatfield, South Africa. He was talking about Spiritual Formation - I have to confess that I signed up to the study break not because I had a clue what was meant by Spiritual Formation but because I'd heard of Hatfield because of Francois van Niekirk (who's teaching from transform still inspires and encourages me, and who's prophetic word from 5 years ago is still a blessing!).'s about us allowing the Holy Spirit  to change us and train us up into all that God has got for us. It's an inward transformation that leads to an outward manifestation.

Here's what I've learned this week - that taking time out with & for God requires sacrifice, dedication and persistance and energy! (Boy was I tired by day 3).

  • That  God is good and He loves us.That Jesus is the means and the end to the story.
  • That God is with us all through the story
  • We need to focus on our nobility - we are children of the King.
  • The WORK of the cross is just the beginning of the story - the WAY of the cross is even bigger
  • The on-going battle of the ages is wisdom - i.e. how we live.
  • We have the delegated authority of righteousness through Christ - we have the authority to overcome all of satan's power.
  • Serving is not a "nice" Christian virtue - it is the key to the life of a  Christian.
  • The vision is the kingdom of God - here as it is in heaven - Jesus wouldn't have taught this if it wasn't true.
  • and finally God is LORD over 100% of  our lives - our humdrum normal life is of value to God...hurrah!

So what have I learned? Ultimately nothing new - but a reminder that changes everything and makes everything new:

God loves me, he has a plan for me and I have the power and the authority to make a difference - where I am right here and right now.

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Denise Townsend
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