A glass half full.....


I was reading this blog http://www.aholyexperience.com/ as I often do and was really struck by how Ann manages to say things so well. Do go and visit it.  She talks about her grandma and I think we all know people like her grandma:

"My Grandma Barbara Ruth, she ever only saw a cup one way. Didn’t matter if the tea’d been poured out or if the sky’d tipped over or the tap was still running loud. Every cup she ever held or tipped back or drank from, they were all right empty as far as she was concerned. She’d been dying of old age since she was 42. Every picnic was bound to get rained out. My grandfather’d be whistling Winn-Dixie and she just knew he was brewing to pick some fiery fight. I loved her like there was no tomorrow. And for Grandma? There likely wasn’t going to be another tomorrow.

The thing is apples don’t fall far from trees and cups can seem empty for generations......

When we fixate on the worst in something, we render ourselves incapable of fixing anything.

But attend to the good in something — and we act towards the best in everything."


So true - when we focus on the bad stuff we get so bogged down and dragged down either by the world around us or by our own weakness and failings that we find ourselves unable to do any thing. When we actually look to the positive we find ourselves capable of making a difference - even if it's as small as sending a note of encouragement to someone or making our children tidy their bedrooms (although I think that might just come under the downright miraculous!)


She goes on to talk about a science experiment - one I did last term with the children at the kings school - you stick a glass upside down into a bowl of water (perhaps you had to be there?) but it doesn't fill with water. Here's what Ann says:

"Why doesn’t the glass fill with water?” Malakai grins, shrugs his shoulders.

You thought the glass was right empty? In actual fact — it’s right full.” Malakai tilts his head at that angle.

I read the text. “The glass doesn’t fill with water — because the glass is right full of air.”

And I tilt my head and re-read my life.

That rhetorical question asking if your glass half empty or half full? The truth is that the glass is never half empty — or half full.

The truth is the glass is always right full.

You may not be able to picture what you can’t see but only real things fill up space. And the real reality is that your glass is really right full."

Denise Townsend
Life is worth sharing

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