Transform - was it only last week!!? Gave me that much needed boost - I so love worshipping with hundreds of people - it gives me a glimpse of heaven, then there were the speakers to inspire faith and give vision (and provocations to act as well as pray) and God speaking in that still small voice: I am still with you, I still love you, don't forget that I am good and faithful. Take courage I am with you, in fact pick your courage back up, take your shield of faith and go do the things I've called you to. Don't let disappointment rob you of your courage - trust that God will fulful his promises. All good stuff really.

which leads into It's the holidays and this year i'm trying to follow something I read in a post of a post on facebook - so if this came from you - thank you! This summer I'm trying to rest WITH God not rest FROM God. I don't know how your holidays go - but mine in the past invariably end up with me staying up late reading or watching something I wouldn't normally, then getting up late and then all routine goes out the window - including the prayerful ones, the reading my bible ones and the spending time with God ones.


Obviously in a life including children my routines are fairly fluid at the best of times - but this summer I'm trying to make space for God, to pray when I can, and to seek God when I can. I've noticed a difference - there's a level of peace, of grace and of faith. I am truly enjoying these holidays and it's not just the sunshine and fun that we're having as a family - there's rest for my soul and it's doing me good.

Denise Townsend
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