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Stay home, stay safe, stay in touch, stay praying.


Sunday 29th March 2020


During this season we will continue ‘streaming’ our Sunday morning meetings on Facebook.

 Check out/share/follow our page at

Please keep a look out for e-mails giving the details for each Sunday including children’s and youth work.

Please contact Andy Bruce or Andy White if you need any technical assistance to access the service.



If you are a key worker – not all of these will apply – but be assured, we as a church are praying for you as you work in a particularly strange and difficult time.

1. Stick to a routine.  Go to sleep and wake up at a reasonable time, write a schedule that is varied and includes time for work as well as self-care. Schedule in time each day to read the bible and listen to a worship song. (If that’s new, why not read a chapter from Matthew in the New Testament and a Psalm each day?)

2. Dress for the social life you want, not the social life you have.  Get showered and dressed in comfortable clothes, wash your face, brush your teeth.  Take the time to do a bath or a facial.  Put on some bright colours.  It is amazing how our dress can impact our mood.

3. If you are not in the vulnerable category: Get out at least once a day, for at least thirty minutes.  If you are concerned of contact, try first thing in the morning, or later in the evening, and try less travelled streets and avenues.  If you are high risk or living with those who are high risk, open the windows and blast the fan.  It is amazing how much fresh air can do for spirits.

4. Find some time to move each day, again daily for at least thirty minutes.  If you don’t feel comfortable going outside, there are many YouTube videos that offer free movement classes, and if all else fails, turn on the music and have a dance party!

5. Reach out to others, you guessed it, at least once daily for thirty minutes.  Try to do FaceTime, Skype, phone calls, texting—connect with other people to seek and provide support.  Don’t forget to do this for your children as well.  Set up virtual playdates with friends daily via FaceTime, Facebook Messenger Kids, Zoom, etc—your kids miss their friends, too!

Finally, please make sure you are plugged into your small group – do get in touch with prayer requests – no matter how small or silly they seem. If you’re not in a small group contact Andy Bruce on



Dear wonderful people who support foodbank,

People have continued to be very generous in their donations, However, as you can as you can imagine - some of our supplies are running low. 


If you are able to buy a few additional items of the following that would be wonderful. Currently Cornerstone and the Kings Centre are now closed - however you could drop the items off in Sainsburys or Waitrose or at D Townsends house: 28 Warmans Close.


many thanks for your continued support at this difficult time, D & the Team


UHT milk (I'm aware there are restrictions on this - but if everyone buys a few)

fruit  juice, 

packet or tinned potatoes, 

tinned vegetables 

tinned fruit

Also :

hot chocolate (make with water) 





savoury rice



Finally …

In all of this, God remains our refuge and our strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble (Psalm 46). He is the source of peace which goes beyond understanding (Philippian 4:7) and will lead us every step of this journey. Let us pray for those who are leading our nation, and other nations, that at this time they may have great and godly wisdom and insight, and strength for the times they find themselves leading in.


Stay home, stay safe, stay in touch, stay praying.


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