Face, twitter and bacon

Ahh, the joys of the web enabled life ... On the pkus side, we can put news sheets, sermons, all sort of information up here on this website, making it easier for people to find, read, and so on. However, the number of sites that you 'have' to be on seems to only ever increase. So I got myself on facebook a while back, kind of fun and useful. Now twitter is all the rage and so I sign up but I remain to be convinved. Apparently I have one follower ...

Putting aside all that, I'm looking forwards to Thursday evening (tomorrrow!) when we continue our post-alpha group. A good gang. Less conversation, more noise and (on average) more bacon on Saturday morning for Dads Out. Should be good fun, much much blessed that Andy White's volunteered to take it on and move it forwards. Now, I really ought to do some real work tonight.

Neil Townsend
Wantage Pastor

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