Easter week

Even more than Christmas, I find it's very easy to charge through Easter and miss the point. I appreciated yesterday's three events - the procession, the Sunday service and the social walk afterwards. In a way they captured for me the delightful diversity of church. Together with other churches we choose to declare that we still hold Jesus to be king, although a very different kind of king than those the world sees as kings, then we remembered the way he exercised his kingship - he choose to use it for our good, and then, on the walk, we simply passed time together in firendship. What a privilege.

As I look forwards to this week, it's always a bit different because it's school holidays and there's lots more noise going on in the house - great fun, and occasionally distracting. However, where there's life and growth, there's always mess. I'm experimenting with a web thing called twitter - you can see the updates on the right of the main blog page. The idea is that alongside these postings I can put short "what I'm up to or feeling right now" notes on the page as well. Twitter passes them on to become my facebook status and makes them available here. Or you can subscribe to twitter direct. Let me know what you think!

Neil Townsend
Wantage Pastor

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