Impact and strategy

Last week seemed to be a week about impact! I toook some time to list to a number of speakers to seek to gather as much as possible what God was wanting to whisper to me. It was my way of responding to what Eddy said to us on the 18th, altough, to be honest, I had planned it for some time. It was a clear time of encounter for me, and I thank God for the time. I pray that out of it we may see more and more hosting and following the spirit.

This week I seem to be in stratey meetings a lot of the time, whether for Oxfordshire Community Churches or Salt and Light. Again, a great privilege, but I'm looking forwards to being able to focus more on Wantage from Thursday evening. I am excited about Sunday: after last Sunday, when there was a very real sense of encountering God and being sensitive to God and responding to him, I am praying that he would, again, do everything that he wants to.

More practically, one of my lieelt current challenges is explaining to Naomi that, despite Zoe having a birthday last week, it was still a few months until her next birthday. I love the optimism and delight in life of children. There's something very Godly about it!

Neil Townsend
Wantage Pastor

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