In the Old Testament, the priests went into the temple, honoured God, sacrificed to him and helped people to follow God. The great, amazing transition, as we touched on on Sunday, is that now, thanks to Jesus, each follower of Jesus is a priest. Even better, no longer do we have to go into a temple - we are individually and as a gathered body the temple where God dwells. The temple is in the priests now! How cool to know that whereever I go, the presence of God in his temple is in me as Christ dwells in me.

What a great illustation of this Stuart and Angela's story was. When he stood up and started to talk about how God was in the process of restoring them individually and as a family, how great to hear all that God has already done for them over the past few years.

Looking ahead, this weekend John Matthews and I will be in France, first at a gethering of the French leaders and then meeting with the church in Montargis. I'm looking forwards to this although I will miss being around this Sunday, I look forwards to hearing the stories of what God did in Wantage. Hopefully we can be a blessing, and help with what they are building there


Neil Townsend
Wantage Pastor

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