Got away with that!

Well, I seem to have survived my encounters with the press. All about street pastors, a great initiative we are launching with 9 other churches in Wantage Grove. It was an interesting expereince being interviewed, and then waiting to see if what I said came out ok, and it seems to have, although I have never been called "Mr Townsend" so often in my life before! For those who missed it, the piece in the Wantage and Grove Herald can be seen at:

Sunday morning's interview with Phil Mercer on Radio Oxford also seemed to go well, although it meant an early start to the day. However, anything that encourages and helps the Street Pastors initiative to come into reality, bringing compassion onto the streets of Wantage and Grove is worth the effort! I am very much looking forwards to the day when we see them on the streets week by week, expressing Jesus' love to those they meet in word, deed and atmosphere.



Neil Townsend
Wantage Pastor

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