January - how did that happen?

I really appreciate our week of prayer, although I'm secretly glad that I'm not opening the house each morning at 6:30am this week! It was great to see us gathering together and praying for God's blessing to increase in our region. We know that when God blesses, things get better for everyone, and praying is one of the keys to unlocking that. I'm also excited about the coming year. I'm expecting God to act in amazing ways (he always does) and my prayer is that when we look back over 2010 we are amazed at what he has done and not quite sure how it all happened.

As a family we had a great Christmas break, and the snow straight afterwards was great fun, if a little conusing for the chickens, and the general dmoestic order - and apparently more snow is on our way. Maybe we all need to buy snow skis down here and learn how to ski cross-country. Skiing over the Downs would be beautiful (if cold). D and the girls tried to make a snow-chicken this year, but snow isn't that good as a structural material. We were very impressed by the Baker's snow kennel. Not sure if their dog was though ...

And on to this week - so much to do, a fantastic todo list and some amazing people to see. Cool!


Neil Townsend
Wantage Pastor

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