Last week was a challenge and had some great news! I was hugely excited by the faith I´ve encountered in various members of the church over the last coupleof weeks - and the number of people whoǘe told me that they feel provoked by God to pray for one new person to get saved or join with us per week this year. As they shared this, I too felt that I should be praying this, so I invite you to join me. (Just so I´m not mis understood - this isn´t about attracting people from other churches, it´s about those currently with no faith or no church).

Last week was also a tough week as a family - both D and Naomi were ill for a few days. By Sunday evening they were way, way better, although Naomi did wake up overnight with a temperature, so she gets another day of school! Aside from the these temporary and momenary afflictions weŕe doing well - if a little lacking in sleep!

This week I will be in Manchester for 2-3 days, for a Salt and Light UK Team meeting. While we´re there, we´ll also be speae an exciting time as we start to develop more of the details. I´m also looking forwards to the visit of Dave Perry to Wantage on Sunday - I always appreciate his preaching and I suspect that he will be as excellent as ever.

Neil Townsend
Wantage Pastor

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