At last - a not too complex week!

Monday morning comes around again! I suspect that today will be mainly dedicated to trying to work on my backog of email, admin and things like that! This is a fairly normal looking week for me, with lots of time meeting varous people in various places. Hopefully it will be consturctive, and maybe even a bit dangerous - I pray that God breaks into each and every situation and transofrms them for the better!

The time in Machester was interesting and, it seemed that we made progress. On the Thursday evening, Simon Shaw and I joined with one of the missional teams from LifeChurch, a group with people from 5 different continents and goodness knows how may languages. It was fascinating to meet with them and hear what they are doing. The food was fantastic as well - I think it was a North African dish.

On Saturday evening this weekend I'll be at the Oxford student weekend, which is always great fun, and full of passion. Mix that in with Sunday morning and Fire! on Sunday evening and it should be a great weekend! Now, just need to get some email done ...

Neil Townsend
Wantage Pastor

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