More snow!

Monday morning, and I'm sturck again by the beauty of the snow as it falls. OK, it's also a bit of a pain, slowing the traffic down, making it hard to get around, and meaning that we're not only cold, but also wet. However, I refuse to get stuck in thinking like that - as I was driving this morning I made myself reflect on the sheer beauty and amazingness of snow, just a small (if cold) picture of God's amazing creative capacities. Now, I'm no poet, so I won't fill this space up with poor attempts to describe beauty, but I'm convinced it does us good to stop, maybe only for a minute, and look at the beauty around us, that God created. To quote the song, how great is our God!

Last week was filled with two things: a couple of family days (did dome work on a door, went to the Ashmolean, that kind of stuff) and then it was the Salt and Light European Leaders Conference, which I enjoyed. Looking forward to this week, hopefully I can catch up a bit on admin and thinking! Unless the snow continues and the girls are back at home, in which case all bets are off!

Neil Townsend
Wantage Pastor

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