I was encouraged on Sunday. Admittedly, I often am, but I felt that we are starting to breakthrough in praise more than we have before. Giving time to giving God praise is a key to our lives and it is sustaining to us, and a blessing to God! It helps us to keep our focus on the awesome, amazing God we have the privilege of knowing (and whose limitless love for us we know). There is no doubt in my mind that God is on the move!

This week is a fairly normal week for me, I've even managed to get most of today clear to do some of the "todo" list that I have! We'll see by the end of the day how much I've actually done. Looking ahead, I'm delighted that we have Mike Beaumont with us Sunday, Thursday and then Sunday again. He will be focussing on Jesus and the Cross (Easter is coming up, after all).

It was a privilege on Sunday evening to be praying with so many for Paul. Let's keep praying to the great God for his powerful intervention for Paul and for many!


Neil Townsend
Wantage Pastor

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