In at the deep end

8:30am, Sunday morning, enjoying a shower. D pops her head into the room to tell me that Steve called and I'm leading the celebration. In at the deep end again. To be honest, I enjoyed it and count it a privilege. It was great to worship God with passion together and to touch God's heart of compassion over the meeting. If you missed John Kirkby, I would encourage you to listen to the podcast.

4pm, Sunday afternoon, looking forwards to Tim's baptism. One of the great joys of life is when someone is baptised. It's a powerful seal, a spiritual declaration and awesome every time. I enjoyed every minute of this gathering, of many many gathered to be with Tim as he made this step. Good one Tim.

This week ... is a week where I've blocked together lots of "out of Wantage" things: First over to Worcester for a meeting of the Salt and Light UK team, then on to France for a gathering of the leadership teams of the churches in France we link to. Barney Coombs will be the guest speaker there, which will sow something deeply pastoral into that grouping. It's also a challenging time for the group of french-speaking churches: the team leader, Jean Pillonel, has recently been diagnosed with a cancer and he's just starting treatment. Do join us as we pray. Finally I'll be spending a bit of time on the Sunday with the Montargis church and the church planters in Paris before heading home.

Above, may the kingdom come.

Neil Townsend
Wantage Pastor

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