The throne, the church

What a celebration we had on Sunday. Very different, very creative. Some bits may not have been "your cup of tea", but the overall effect was great. Go loves his people to come into his throne room, to know his great love for them. It's the kind of meeting you had to be at to really appreciate, so sorry if you were unavoidably detained elsewhere.

This week I have a week of church beyond Wantage Community Church. On Monday and Tuesday the leaders of the South Oxfordshire chruches in OCC are gathering to seek God together. We are putting this time aside because we believe that this is a significant time in God for our churches and we want to maximise the God impact of working together. We are doing a number of things together, and these have been good, and helped us to get this far. But we know that there is more teritory for the kingdom to take here and we want to stand with each other in the fight.

Then on Wednesday I have a similar meeting with Steve Jones and Gary Pizzey. The three of us are emerging as the leaders of the three regions which OCC is increasingly working in. We too want to seek God, thinking about how these regions can claim the future for God. We are truly blessed by the past 30 years, and we want to build on it, taking things apart (graciously and with honour to those who built them) where necesary. We have a list of about 24 questions we have been asked to consider, so it will be a full on day. My prayer is that, as God speaks, he will unlock strategies that will release each region to see massive salvation growth, and many great churches built for Jesus' glory.

From Thursday to Monday I will be in France. On the way I will stop in to spend wome time with Junior, a Brazillian who works as a pastor in a town called Bethune there. He and his family have a really rough couple of years, including his wife and children being taken to the police station and held in a cell for no reason. Then I will be heading to Montargis (an hour or so south of Paris). As manby of you know, D, I and the girls used to live there, and we continue to love and care for the church we were part of there. They have started to see some positive signs the last few months, and over the few days I'm there I will be meeting with various of the church, including the team. There's a couple of open meetings as well, including one in a building that was used to use when we were there.

I look forwards to seeing all that God will do over this week - and also to getting home!

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Neil Townsend
Wantage Pastor

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