Just back from tonight's family meeting with a special guest appearance from David Margetts, just back from California. Delightfully free from excess tan and american accent, he encourgaed us about how close we are to seeing more of the awesome power of God for good. I may not have words exactly right, but I loved the phrase, "God is good, he's in a good mood, he wants to turn up and do good stuff."

The various gatherings I talked about in last week's blog were great, very constructive. There is a massive desire to work together in the best way to see awesome, healthy churches built. It was a privilege to catch up with Junior in Bethune. The church in Montargis is moving forwards well, facing challenges of growth. It was also quite an experience for me personally, as one night we met in the building that the church had used when we were with them. It felt great to be back in the building we had worked hard to sort out for the church, but which had been given up when there was a split a while back. The church which now use it are opening it up - a very positive development, along with the people gathering to the church we're working with.

In the coming days I'm planning to catch up with various people, and get Saturday with D and the girls, hopefully a bit calmer than the last few days. Looking forwards to meeting with everyone on Sunday, bring it on!

Neil Townsend
Wantage Pastor

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