What a wet Sunday! Wet in the natural, wet in the supernatural. I know that I need as much awareness of God’s presence as possible, and I always want more, so I really appreciated what Dave shared with us, and his praying for us. We are designed to be people who link presence of God on heaven into earth – bring it on! Charlie Cleverly (of St. Aldates, Oxford) uses an illustration about how we pray for God to send the rain, his spririt, and then put our umbrellas up. My prayer is that we manage to avoid that mistake.

It was good also to get out to a bit of the gathering around Dave and Carol Hill on the Saturday. Next Sunday, Dave Perry will be speaking, and I know he will be awesome. He'll also be talking about heaven, and I'm praying we get an ever greater revelation of the reality of heaven, now!

As it happens, D and I will be away that day, it is the annual refreshing and training weekend for OCC pastors and we are very much looking forwards to it, as well as to the stories of all that God did as we weren’t here!!

I spent sometime last week getting holiday bible club present on the internet, I must admit I cheated a bit by using facebook for the page and then pointing the domain at it (www.holidaybibleclub.com). Over the year this has been one of the better examples of the churches working together and I look forwards to seeing Nigel back this year as the compere. We have the privilege of hosting it in the Civic Hall, so that it has space to grow.

Neil Townsend
Wantage Pastor

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