Who sets the rhythm?

I’m sat watching the rain after my daughters’ sports day. Lucy is at home and the other two are at parties a good half an hour from home, and so I have an hour or so to “kill” waiting for the parties to be over. This is one of those things they don’t warn you about in life: choosing to love other people consumes your time and messes up your plans.

Being a fairly goal oriented person, I would find it easy to be frustrated at his point in time. Yet I wonder if God is giving me an opportunity to see life differently. If I truly trust in him to lead me, and trust that he is leading me, and trust that in all things he is working things for the good of those who love him, there must be a better way to live tis moment.

God is everywhere, everywhen. So that means that his presence is here, in this odd, ‘inefficient’ moment of time. Maybe if I soften my heart and pause and seek him, I will discover that he is just as much here as in moment of powerful group worship, or special moments of encounter. Maybe he’s just waiting for me to look for him here.

And the thing is, he is. Even as I type these words, I know that as I choose to live in the God given rhythm of this moment – rather than forcing my rhythm onto this moment – I can discover him more.

It’s yet another thing I love about God. There always more to learn on the journey. Most often, it’s simple truths going deeper into me.

Neil Townsend
Wantage Pastor

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