Summer reading

I find the summer can be a good moment to read a book or two. I finished “Culture of Honor” by Danny Silk the other week. In it he lays out an approach to aligning pastoral care with the heart of Jesus which I loved. Although I probably wouldn’t write in his style, I loved the heart and the content. I’m delighted that this is the book that our summer study groups, led by Dave Margetts, will be based on.

D has been reading “Sacred Cows make great BBQs” by Dave Gilpin. I haven’t got round to reading it yet but she has really appreciated it. the odd snippets I’ve read have been very refreshing. He has a way of looking at things which can bring fresh perspective. He certainly doesn’t hold back! I plan to read it over the summer.

I’m about half way through “Spiritual Leadership” by Blackaby and Blackaby (a father and son team). There are a lot of books on leadership out there, and it’s not very fair to compare them. This book seeks to speak into leadership in any context, but to do so from a (Christian) spiritual perspective. I’ve certainly learnt from it already, and I look forwards to completing it.

Finally, I have been leant a book (“Apostolic networks in Britain” by William Kay) on the history of the new church movement in the UK, which looks fascinating. It’s good to know and understand the historical context we live in, so I look forwards to reading it over the summer. It’s quite long, so I don’t know if I’ll get it done by September!

Next week the summer season really starts to kick in and we will be taking a week’s holiday, followed by Transform, followed by Holiday Bible Club, and then a few days in France and a few days at the French church camp. So please forgive me if the blog is more sporadic than usual over those months.

Hope you have a fantastically blessed summer!

Neil Townsend
Wantage Pastor

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