Cross in the Square

It was a real delight to see Cross in the Square come together this year. Yet again the cross was put centre stage, raised up in the middle of Wantage on Good Friday. Mant many thanks to all who got stuck in and helped to make it happen.


If you'd like to see some pictures check out:

Stuart's pictures on facebook

Howard's pictures on the WGCP pages


It's been a complex few months for us, as I was quite flattened by illness over the winter months. I'm still not 100% back, but I am a lot, lot better now, and looking forwards to all the God's going to do in the coming months. As I shared on Sunday, we've had 3-4 prophetic words all in agreement that some really positive stuff is coming our way! Bring it on!

Neil Townsend
Wantage Pastor

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