Things that make my heart sing

On the first Saturday in January, the Connect Team gathered for a day of prayer, focusing and God and talking over some questions. We had a great time, and I believe that these times are significant, not least because they help the team to do its work of influencing the culture of the church in the right direction more effectively.

One exercise we did together was called "Things that make my heart sing", and we each wrote down what made our heart sing. It was wonderful to hear each person's. All of them were delightful, and encouraging, and inspiring, but one really struck me, here it is:

  • Sun rises and sunsets, mountains and moors, seas shorelines
  • God’s power and God’s presence
  • Lives healed and whole
  • Lives changed and consecrated
  • Smiles and laughter, hugs and joy
  • The world and the church in order
  • Things and people working together properly

It was Ian Horswell's

Why not write your own?

Neil Townsend
Wantage Pastor

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