May day bank holiday

Sometime on Saturday afternoon I stood back and looked around. The barbeque at the end of the treasure hunt was under way. People were chatting and the infamous "dance off" for final placings in the treasure hunt competition was over. Children were running up and down the slope. What a privilege, I mused to myself, to be part of this church and to serve in leading it. We had great fun charging round the region and collecting our clues, and we were quite happy to have made the lofty heights of 5th - the winners clearly deserved the prize, if only for the perfect summer hats they sported as they danced. For those that missed it on Sunday, a recap video of the event is on you tube, (click here).

When Paul writes in Romans 15:17 that the kingdom of God is righteouness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, he wasn't joking - so often we understand that we're to be righteous, hope that we might be peaceful and suspect that joy might be a little frivelous. Yet, there it is in black and white. Joy is part of the kingdom of God, and it seemed we touched some of that on Saturday. Bring on more!

Neil Townsend
Wantage Pastor

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