I loved Sunday

Sunday was a delight to me, to gather ourselves in our current (most of the time) venue, to celebrate our children and youth, our amazing children's and youth workers and to hear from Geoff and Mary about how a church they had been in had lived a similar time to ours. So encouraging all round. D ensouraged us to go "higher, wider and deeper" this summer with God - bring it on!

I'm looking forwards to Transform - the delight of gathering with so many of our wider family, celebrating God with them (higher!), learning of God (deeper!), hearing calls from God (wider!) ... and just being together! I saw the layout last night and Wantage is well placed, reasonably close to the main tents.

After that, D, I and the girls will take a break in France, seeing a wide collection of friends, and some family, over two and a half weeks. Looking forwards to it.

May you also have a summer of delight in God!

Neil Townsend
Wantage Pastor

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