For a church to be healthy and growing, to take hold of it’s maturity and run with it, it needs lots of leadership momentum. It needs not one team of leaders, but many, each with defined roles and teams matched to those roles. That’s why we have multiple teams at Wantage Community Church.

The Connect Team

Brief: Overall vision, strategic direction and atmosphere of the church. Releases as much as possible to other teams. Picks up areas not covered by other teams.

The role of the connect team is to catch, carry and communicate God’s heart for Wantage Community Church so that every person within the church is equipped and released to actively participate in God’s mission, wherever God has placed them.

The Pastoral Team

Brief: Discipleship, Pastoral Care, Small groups. The Pastoral team also gather with the small group leaders six times a year for training, support and encouragement. For more information, click on the "Care and Discipleship" link on the right.

The Admin Team

Brief: To ensure that the “doing” of church runs smoothly

Ministry Teams

Brief: to lead and make real the activities that church engages in. For example: Children’s work, Youth, Lifeline, Balsam, Dads Out, Food bank, Toddlers, Foodbank …

Fitting the teams together

Pictures are probably better than words, here are two ways of looking at it:

The arrow

This conveys the sense of vision, drive and passion well, but perhaps overplays the hierarchy.


The Backbone

This conveys the breadth of leadership and sense of release better, but is perhaps a bit passive or static. Please forgive slightly wrong team names in it.

And finally

This information is also available as a pdf, please download it from the link above right.

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