Our Vision and Values

At Wantage Community Church our vision is defined in three, simple, phrases. We aspire to be:

  • A home for all
  • A family for discipleship
  • A base for sending

We are part of OpenGate churches, which is one of the three regions of Oxfordshire Community Churches, and are part of the Salt and Light national and international netwrok of churches. Together we them, we share a set of core commitments which are available here.

Thinking about the vision more fully:

For all ...

Jesus went out of his way to be for everybody. He was accused by the religious leaders of the time of spending his time with those who were lost morally, financially or spiritually. His response was that the sick needed doctors! He also spent time with the religious and the wise. As a church, our vision is to be like Jesus: to be for all.

A home is a place where you feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed. It's where each of us can start to lose our lostness and discover new friends and relax a bit. As a church, we believe our call is to be a home, for those already part of us and for those who discover us. People felt at home around Jesus, our prayer is as we all work together we become a home where anyone and everyone feels welcomed, included and at home.

... a home



For discipleship ...

In the bible the word "Christian" is rarely used. Followers of Jesus are most often called disciples, because they understood that they were made by God with a intention, purpose and design. We have a vision for each person that they become who God made them to be, and that process is called discipleship. It's a about a loving call up to be the amazing person God created you to be.

God has a simple plan: family of every size. We live in a time when the very idea of family is being challenged. As a church, our vision is to be a large, inclusive, loving, forgiving, gracious, encouraging family, with good relationships between each of us. Our model is the God himself, the amazing relationships of love, honour and respect that we see between Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That is the best atmosphere in which each of us can be disciples of Christ!

... a family


For sending ...

One of the great privileges of any church is to release people to the call God has on their lives. We love to have people "sent" locally, to see the God's love, power and salvation more known here and now. Equally, we love to send people to other places, near and far, short term and long term, to see God more known, where ever that may be!

To see people released, we aspire to be a base, a place of solidity, support, strength and training so that we can send individuals and teams out to see the love, power and salvation of God more and more known everywhere.

... a base


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