Pray for OX12 (and beyond!) resources

The following resources are available:

  • overview: a summary of the initiative.
  • wcc launch ideas: a summary of the initiaive and more ideas on how to pray, what to pray ... unlike all the other materials, this was written specifically for WCC, and so has our branding on it. But feel free to use it if that helps!
  • 'book' and 'booklet': all the street lists in one place, 'book' is A4 whilst 'booklet' is designed to be printed on folded a4 to make a booklet.
  • Places: each place has a file listing all the roads; some places have maps as well.

This initiative is open to any church in and around OX12. The following churches are involved so far, but there may be more!

  • Wantage Community Chruch
  • Wanatge Baptist
  • Wantage Christian Fellowship
  • Vale Elim

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