Parenting God's Way

Parenting is the most important task any human being ever undertakes.

It’s about caring for and shaping a precious life—and the effect of that carries on into the next few generations.Parenting is loaded with emotions of all sorts, many challenges and rich rewards. It can send us to God in ways few other things can!

There are many good parenting courses available which emphasis techniques and deal with solving practical day-to-day issues—and we all need that. But no course can deal with every issue which we may face. However, if we can find some principles, we will have tools which will help us whatever occurs.

God is THE Father and the Bible shows us how God parents us. He must be the model for us as we parent our child(ren). So we can be sure the Bible is full of parenting principles which we can apply practically with God’s help.

At each stage of the course, we will consider:

The Person of God
—God our Father

Which will lead us to …

Principles of Father God
—how God parents us, and how we can parent our children

which will lead us to …

—the specific application of the principle


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