The Basics series of booklets gives an introduction to the Christian faith.

There are currently 7 titles: 

  • AssuranceBasics - How can I be sure about my faith?
  • ChurchBasics - What is church all about?
  • BaptismBasics - Why do I need to be baptised in water?
  • LivingBasics - How does God help me to live rightly?
  • GrowingBasics - How do I grow in my faith?
  • TellingBasics - What do I tell all my friends?
  • SpiritBasics - Who is the Holy Spirit and what does He do? 
  • Post-Alpha course, introducing new Christians to the basics of the Christian faith
  • Easy-to-use jargon-free workbooks, for one-to-one or group use
  • Explanation, thorough biblical framework, discussion points and illustrations
  • Could be used as the basis for your own modular course