Enemies Of The Soul

The Enemies of the Soul course is an innovative and powerful discipleship tool, based on an idea pioneered by the Rey de Reys ('King of Kings') church in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Our Enemies of the Soul materials, reauthored and further developed by Mike Beaumont, is now well-tested in over 50 churches across 6 nations, and has sold more than 15,000 units!

  • Good for group or individual pastoral use 
  • Modular course, based on easy-to-use workbooks 
  • Explanation, thorough biblical framework, discussion points and illustrations 
  • Modules available:
    Introduction Bitterness | Friendship with the World |The Love of Power | The Self Syndrome | Greed | Gossip | Jealousy | Fear | Laziness | Pleasing Others | Pride | Anger and Irritability | Sexual Impurity | Stress 
  • Leaders' guides also available
Enemies Of The Soul