We currently have churches from Chipping Norton and Bicester in the North, to Wantage, Didcot and Abingdon in the South; from Witney, Carterton and Cote in the West, to Oxford and the Leys in the East – and other new churches are planned!  

We are convinced that we are stronger together than we ever could be as churches on our own.

We are a family together, working together, learning together.

We are a family on mission together, committed to bringing the gospel to our region by…

  • Bringing people to Jesus - Jesus is teaching us to be ‘fishers of men’, churches focused on others.
  • Making disciples - we want to be 24-7 disciples of Jesus, not just church-goers.
  • Multiplying cells - small groups are essential communities of friends, transforming the wider community.
  • Planting churches - reaching into every community across our region to establish God’s family.
  • Living in the Spirit - living fully in the life, power and leading of the Holy Spirit, both in and out of church!
  • Redeeming society and education - seeing the Kingdom of God influence every part of society, particularly in education.
  • Going to nations - sending workers to serve in many other nations, in church-planting, aid and development.