What Makes Us Tick?

“Why are there so many different churches?” we are sometimes asked. “Why are there so many different restaurants?” could be our reply! After all, aren’t all restaurants there for the same thing? Of course they are; but each one has its own atmosphere, interests and specialities. And so it is with churches.

In OCC, we don’t think we are unique; but there are certain things which give us our own particular atmosphere, that ‘make us tick’...

Commitment to... JESUS

He is God’s only Son and the only way to find forgiveness and friendship with God. He died on the cross to pay for the wrong things we’ve done and rose to life three days later to prove he had won the battle over sin and death forever.He forgives our sin as we trust in him.

Commitment to... THE BIBLE

The Bible really is God’s message to us, and is exciting and relevant for today. It contains everything we need about what we believe and how to live.

Commitment to... THE HOLY SPIRIT

We are committed to being ‘charismatic’: using the spiritual gifts that God has given the church to glorify him and empower us; seeing the power of God (the Holy Spirit) bringing wholeness in every area of our lives; allowing him to direct our personal and corporate lives.

Commitment to... THE KINGDOM OF GOD

God does not just want our attention for an hour each Sunday! He wants to be king over every part of our lives — character, family, relationships, morality, work—and gives us his Holy Spirit to help us in all these areas. Personal pastoral care is offered to every member of the church.

Commitment to... THE CHURCH

The church is not a building or organisation; it is God’s family on earth. We want to be a real community together, serving and caring for one another.We are committed to everyone feeling part of the family and playing an active role:we meet in mid-week small groups as well as on Sundays to help us in this.

Commitment to... PEOPLE

God loves everyone in his world and wants everyone to be part of his family.We are committed to sharing that love in both word and action, as we pray for and show God’s love to people, individually and corporately. We are involved in community projects, planting churches in Oxfordshire and sending people to other nations to share God’s good news.

Commitment to... THE FUTURE

We invest resources to train people to be effective servants of God who can shape the future.We run our own independent Christian school (primary and senior) and a variety of training programmes, especially for young people. Our leaders want to see everybody realise their full potential.

Commitment to... DISCIPLESHIP

Discipleship means change! We are committed to providing opportunities and encouragement to see God change us to be more like him and to be trained for service.